Master or Slave?

As the pressure continues for your business to perform there has been over the last few years a never-ending stream of how to be more effective, how to be more available, how to be more responsive through the use of the latest technological gadget / system.

Have you ever thought about the drain this has on your working time?

Are you driving the technology or is the technology driving you?

I have seen far too many grabbing for their mobile phone/ Blackberry/iPad the moment a ping sound is emitted, almost to the point they send a reply before they have even seen the message!

What makes us feel we are so indispensable that it is okay to interrupt someone else by having to respond to that call / text. Do you really think that it is socially okay or is it downright rude?

As a client or supplier respect my time, my focus and my commitment.

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Helen is an experienced business support professional. Married with 2 young adult offspring who are very much into drama. Loves: live music, theatre, chocolate, a well chilled glass or two of white wine, travel and people watching.
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